Seedlings in trays
Leafy greens growing vertically

Our Philosophy

Ascent farms is a disruptive farm technology company.  We are innovating in the food production space by producing better beyond organic leafy greens closer to where they are consumed.  Our first location is in Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City.  The world health organization has stated air quality is the #1 global health concern, and Salt Lake City has the second worst air quality in the United States.  If we don't do something, our beautiful valley could become unlivable.  The smog here is terrible.  We can do our part in reducing smog emissions and pollution due to shipping leafy greens thousands of miles to where they are eaten.  Secondly, the actual nutritional and health benefits of leafy greens improves with fresher greens.  The phytonutrient profile of leafy greens roughly halves every 24 hrs after harvesting, and the taste declines about as rapidly too!  Furthermore, given recent concerns with e coli and other food borne illnesses associated with baby spinach and other salad greens grown near livestock, you don't have to worry about these issues with indoor farming.  The water we use is artisanal well water filtered through a reverse osmosis filter, so it's industry leading clean and pure.  Buying local used to mean forgoing salad for long stretches, but now you can enjoy better leafy greens fresh all year round.  At Ascent Farms our goal is to provide you with safer, healthier, fresher, and tastier local farm to fork crops year round.

Our Story

We are inspired by the farm to table movement and we are focused on solving global problems by acting locally.

Meet the Team

We are dream realizers on a mission to make the world a better place.

Ascent Farms Founder

Reed Snyderman

Founder & CEO

Skier, Farmer, MBA

Interested in joining the team?

We are always looking for talented individuals interested in the future of farming.  Email us at