Leafy Greens

We are Salt Lake City’s first vertical hydroponic farm in a shipping container.  We specialize in heirloom lettuces, assorted arugulas and salad greens, and fresh herbs like basil and cilantro.

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Our technologically enabled farm offers a great gateway to inspiring the next generation to learn about where better food comes from.  We offer tours for educators, students, and the public.

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Interested in learning more, launching your own venture, or partnering up?  We want to share our knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

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Better Leafy Greens

We are Salt Lake City's first vertical hydroponic leafy green farm in a shipping container.  We are crazy about fresher and better food, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Have you ever wondered why that triple washed salad mix you're getting at the store is never as fresh or as tasty as you want it to be?  Did you know the average piece of produce is shipped over 1200 miles in the US from where it is grown to where it is consumed?  Did you know the average apple was picked 9 months before someone finally consumed it?  There are all sorts of issues with the global food supply chain, so we are growing leafy greens in a shipping container right here in Salt Lake City to do our small part in disrupting the food giants.  Our #1 focus is you, the hard-working human who deserves healthier, better food.  You also deserve to breathe clean air and not be in danger of food borne illnesses associated with outdoor leafy green production.  Our leafy greens are fresher, healthier, & safer for you and the environment.  Our mission is to ascend to a cleaner, greener, more just & just better food system.

We are thinking globally by acting locally.  We are challenging the giant farms that ship their greens thousands of miles by diesel truck by providing you with a truly farm to table always in season crop 365 days/year. And we are growing fresher better leafy greens right here in Sugarhouse.  To your health!

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In the Salt Lake City Tribune 6/5/2019